Help bring Ohemjee come closer to reality!     - Donations will go towards programming and        the embetterment of the site.  


Ohemjee.com will be a new social media platform for sharing and rating new content, as well as platform to make content go viral by the content creators. The focus of this new platform would be the content creators who will be able to create an online webpage that they can use for however they deem fit, and will also implement other social tools such as forums, public chat, a content sharing system with the ability to rate and share content which can further be used as viral marketing tools, and much more. There is currently a niche for such a social medium, and Ohemjee.com plans to deliver the "next gen" social media platform.

Currently we have a team of experienced college students that are capable of bringing the vision into reality. If you would like to help fund such a platform, please consider donating which would accelerate the time it takes for Ohemjee to get off the ground. Email valiast1337@gmail.com for any business related opportunities.